British Columbia

Restorative Justice:  Getting fair outcomes for victims in Canada’s criminal justice system

Department of Justice on Restorative Justice
CSC’s “Restorative Opportunities” program for RJ in federal prisons
Federal Victims Bill of Rights Overview
Howard Zehr’s blog on RJ
The Restorative Justice Fact Book by the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime
Nova Scotia’s RJ page (Nova Scotia has one of the largest and most integrated RJ programs in the world. It is province-wide and has agreed-upon policies, principles, etc, that are shared amongst all programs in the province. This is in significant contrast to RJ programs in BC, which are all run independently and are relatively disconnected from one another.)
Restorative Justice Impact on Participants Psychological and Physical Health 2009
The Smart Justice Network of Canada)

The United Nations handbook on restorative justice programs
Restorative Justice: The EvidenceRestorative Justice: A Primer and Exploration of Practice Across Two North American Cities,  by Adler School’s Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice
Dr. Evelyn Zellerer’s Peace of the Circle Website (Page on RJ)

RJ Philosophy
Retributive vs Restorative Justice Chart

Research on RJ in Canada:
RJ and Recidivism (2003)
Restorative Justice Programs and Services in Criminal Matters: Summary of Consultations (2003)
The Effects of Restorative Justice Programming: A Review of the Empirical
The Collaborative Justice Project (scroll down for stats on research comparing restorative justice and criminal justice across 36 countries)

This video is from Victoria, but it shows what we do.